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Technical advice

Lizarte provides after-sales service based on technical advice from our experts, and offered both by telephone, and technical notes or recommendations.  

Instructions for assembly of a product brand Lizarte are shown in their own section on our website, although each product sold by Lizarte is accompanied by a copy of the corresponding assembly instructions.

Here we highlight other technical publications issued by Lizarte's technicians: PUMPS AND STEERING RACKS  

  • precautions when replacing the pump and steering rack /> In each change of pump or steering rack the oil must be changed. Likewise, we should monitor the cleanliness of the circuit, since impurities can cause seizure, blockage or leaks somewhere in the circuit.
    Read more (PDF, 39 KB)
  • Servotester
    With the help of the “SERVOTESTER” of LIZARTE, we can verify the working condition of the pump and power steering. It’s fast, easy and does not require dismantling.
    Read more (PDF,378 KB)


  • To identify the assistance pumps
    For each type of pump the oil inlet pipe has a unique position that corresponds to a number of degrees.
    Read more (PDF, 106 KB)


  • How to identify mechanical problems affecting the proper functioning of the steering rack
    Identify the mechanical causes />
    - Put the car on the platform or place trestles beneath the trapezoids.
    -with the engine stopped, turn the wheel in both directions several times.
    If the steering feels hard, loosen the ball joint of the steering terminals.
    Read more (PDF, 92 KB)


  • How to identify an AC compressor
    The AC compressors used in vehicles (CAA) have differences between them, you can tell the difference mainly because of: circuit connectors, sensors and chargers, electric clutch, the fixing system and the brand and model.
    Read more (PDF, 831 KB)

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