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Terms of sale

The sale conditions covers all aspects related to orders, deliveries, warranties and return of cores of all products: steering rack, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor , Citroen suspension spheres, diesel injection and car ECUs.

1. Orders

a. In the remanufactured parts the value of the core will always be added to the price , which will be paid after the return by the customer.

b. We can remanufacture any model of steering racks, power steering pumps, air conditioning, Citroen spheres, diesel injection and car ECUs. Ask for an estimate even though your model is not in our catalogue.

c. In some cases we need to rework the core of our client

d. Online orders have preferential treatment in terms of both delivery and in terms of price. You can continue to pass orders by fax: 948-303422, phone: 948-303436 or e-mail:

2. Dispatches: Dispatches shall be made carriage prepaid depending on the total amount of the order. This will depend on the country of destination of the goods.

Dispatches may be carriage prepaid, at the customer’s request , by adding the amount of the carriage to the invoice; or else freight collect by the transport means indicated by the customer.

3. Cores: are our raw material, that is why we ask for agility in their return.

a. For the return of these cores carriage prepaid shall depend on the total amount of the order. This will depend on the country of destination of the goods.

b. Only the cores pending payment will be paid

c. Core value

  • complete core: if the core is able to be remanufactured
  • incomplete core: if it can be remanufactured but lacks some components
  • none core: if the core cannot be used for remanufacturing

4. Shipments to Lizarte: all returns must be accompanied by the “product recall sheet” properly completed.

a. Send the core to be remanufactured. If the product is not in our catalogue or we don’t have cores in stock, Lizarte can try to rework the core of the client. Send it to us.

b. Send products for review. When the customer has questions about the replacement’s working condition, he can send it for inspection in our test benches. Check prices for the verifications of the following products:

  • Pumps and hydraulic and electric power steering
  • Pumps and electronic power steering
  • Air conditioning compressors
  • Diesel Injection
    1. Injectors
    2. Pump Injectors
    3. Common-Rail Pumps
    4. VP and VE injection pumps

c. Product Returns. The customer can return old products in stock prior authorization by the Commercial Management. The reconditioning of these parts will have additional charge per unit.

5. Contact information

a. Orders: We recommend ordering online. You will receive it earlier and at better prices. If you are not a Lizarte client or does not have a username and password, please contact us through

b. Payment of cores:

c. We are constantly buying cores. If you have cores to sell, contact and visit on our website section "Buy cores"

d. For product returns or information about guarantee contact one of the people in customer service:  


Lizarte reserves the right to make modifications on the prices without notice. Although a great effort has been made to prepare this rate, we do not take responsibility for isolated inaccuracies.


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