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Lizarte delegation network.

We send orders to customers from our central warehouse in Pamplona, from the 4 delegations in Spain and from the 7 from France, all of them wholesalers and rechangers in the independent exchange who sell our spares basically to independent garages who make the reparation for the car owner.

With the purpose of helping our customers to complete the range of what they provide in their facilities, from all those warehouses we manage to deliver during the same day ; or in a maximum of 24 hours 96% of our products if there is stock, that is why the customers daily pass orders asking for spares to our nearest delegation:

Factory and central offices

    Tel. +34 948 303436 • Fax +34 948 303422 • Opening hours: 8:00-19:00
    Polígono Agustinos calle B  • 31013 Pamplona, Navarra
    Coordinates: 42.832946, -1.686696Google maps 

Delegations in Europe

Lizarte customers are in some cases mechanics that are not in a group, but the majority of the cases they belong to independent spare distribution groups of national or international range.

With over 4000 references and against the infeasibility that a customer counts with 100% of the range, Lizarte brings the product to our customer in the area.This allows customers to reduce their investments and be able to give service in the day.

As much as the management of cores as the delivery of the product in the area, under a political business marked by the headquarters, it has been a big effort for Lizarte but it has been a good decision for the customers.

Our delegations count with a big knowledge about the sector and a strong contact network in the area therefore they are a daily connection between the provider (Lizarte) and the customer.

Within our continuous improvement spirit Lizarte counts with preferential agreements with some carriers that is why it also permits us to deliver the product when the product is not available in one of the delegations of the area, for a very competitive price and with a very good service. For example, Pamplona can supply some areas like Catalonia, Aragon , Basque Country and La Rioja from the morning until the evening.

The management system we work with, permits us to know in real time which reference is situated in each delegation so we can always optimize the resources to supply the product in the least possible time.

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