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What product guarantee does Lizarte offer? 100% of our products have got working guarantee

100% of the remanufactured products are verified one by one by the working test benches. As a sign of confidence in their manufacture process, Lizarte offers 2 years in all of the catalogue products: power steering, steering racks, diesel pumps, diesel injectors, unit injectors, mecatronics, instrument clusters...

During that guarantee period and for those products that have manufacture defect - that not has been caused by a not correct assembly or operation – the customer counts with Lizarte’s coverage.

Return core form: To ensure an easy and correct procedure of your guarantee, all Lizarte´s products are accompanied with a “return core” form. In order to process the guarantee, the mentioned form must be filled in with the requested information.

Guarantee resolution period: The guarantee resolution period will be of 15 days maximum from its reception in Pamplona.
In case the core is not delivered with the necessary information, it will not enter in the weekly checking process, therefore the customer will be able to contact us and send us that information through fax or e-mail. In these cases we cannot guarantee the resolution in the maximum period.

Guarantee returning procedure: Guarantees must not be enclosed with the return of cores neither with new pieces. Your procedure is specific. We will only admit returns of the guarantee together with other pieces, when the customer fulfils the minimum shipping of new products or cores specified in the section “Selling conditions”.

Delivery costs in the return of guarantees: For the sending of the guarantee, the client always should pay the delivery costs. If the by default guarantee of the item is necessary, we will proceed to pay for the delivery costs. If the piece arrives carriage forward, that amount will be transferred to the customer.

Technical guarantee report: All warranties will be reviewed in the test benches and shall include a technical report and a resolution on it

Guarantee resolution: In the event that warranty is applicable, Lizarte shall pay for the piece or replace it. This resolution will be based on indications that the client writes on the return sheet of material.

*Lizarte will only pay back the piece, except in the case that the core has not been paid in advance, in which case they will proceed to payment both, the core and the piece.

Lizarte will not be responsible for installation costs, labour, etc. that these could cause.

Commercial guarantees: In some cases, and in deference to the customer, Lizarte will accept the return of the product that does not entail any failure attributable to origin.

In such cases, Lizarte will proceed to the payment of the piece (not the core if it has been previously paid) but will not be responsible in any way for freight or labour and will charge an amount in the form of refurbishment the piece.

In the case of the injectors, new nozzle change for subsequent verification will be charged.

Deadline for a warranty claim: The deadline for a client to file an complaint and warranty is re-considered is 15 days starting from the date of dispatch of the technical opinion. After that time passes the piece will become scrap so it will not be possible to file any claim whatsoever.

Complaints must be sent by fax: 948-303422 or e-mail: 

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