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Circular economy

Lizarte and Ecology: the remanufacture of automobile spares contributes to the efficient use of the resources and to the sustainable development.

In the United States the car spare remanufacture industry is more well-established than in Europe, more known by consumers and recognized by the Government.

In Europe this way started at the beginning of the seventies, being Lizarte one of the pioneer companies in this field, starting their activity in 1973, turning to be the first European company to remanufacture car steering racks.

Lizarte contributes to safeguard the environment through the remanufacture of car spares and nowadays offers a big range of remanufactured spares for all car brands and car models.

With the remanufacture of steering racks, power steering pumps, compressors, pumps and diesel injectors, Lizarte guarantees the objective of maximum quality, respect to the environment and optimum use of resources .

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