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In a world that is often plagued by low expectations, low living standards and rampant environmental degradation, there is a growing movement of people and organizations to help empower individuals, organizations and economies to make more and better use of renewable energy.

We are changing the way we think about saving energy in our own communities and those who need energy to function and perform their functions.

At Lizarte, we are 100% committed to this purpose and support a number of initiatives that promote the benefits of sustainable energy:

  • Through our remanufacturing process we annually recover about 120 tons of steel, which mitigates the carbon footprint with a reduction of C02 emissions of about 250 tons.
  • We also recover 60 tons of cardboard per year through our compactor, the equivalent of avoiding the felling of more than 1,000 trees per year.
  • We use photovoltaic solar energy for the self-consumption of our facilities, improving efficiency in the use of energy and mitigating the greenhouse effect.

Lizarte is definitely working to improve the future. We are committed to building a stronger, healthier and more sustainable future. We believe that sustainability is not a "solution" but a journey. We are here for a healthier planet, a greener world, a better world. In short, we want to make a difference.

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