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We are equipped with modern facilities and equipments, modern systems and equipments that have been praised by Volvo and Mitsubishi, who have congratulated us for the technical and financial effort maintained during the years. Therefore it permits us to improve day by day the quality and the service of the product.

Lizarte disposes of a build warehouse of 4500 m2 and the possibility to build another 3000 m2 more.

In the Lizarte facilities we must emphasise:

A big warehouse with cores for all model and car brands:

  • Remanufactured steering racks: manual, hydraulic, electric (EPS), steering rack columns and steering gear boxes
  • Remanufactured power steering pumps: mechanical, electric, electronic (EHPS)
  • Air conditioning compressors: new and remanufactured
  • Diesel injection: injectors, common rail pumps, VP pumps, VE pumps, pump injectors

A big stock of finished products. We send the orders from our central warehouse in Pamplona to our customers and we replace the stock from the delegations:

  • Barcelona, Coruña, Madrid, Málaga, Valencia and Zaragoza, in Spain, and Paris, Metz, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse and Bordeaux in France.

Verification running teams

  • 2 hydraulic steering rack test benches, 1 steering gear boxes test bench and 1 electric steering rack test bench (EPS)
  • 2 mechanical power steering pumps test benches and 1 electric and electronic power steering pumps test bench (EHPS)
  • 1 air conditioning compressors test bench
  • 5 diesel injection test benches to verify injectors, common rail pumps, VP pumps, VE pumps and injection pumps. Alberto Alacid, technician who is well known at Bosch, is who started the test bench on May 24th of 2011, being the first Bosch EPS 708 test bench installed in Spain.

Other equipment

  • Ultrasound machines: component cleaning
  • Diagnosis machine: for doing electronic diagnosis
  • Leak control verification equipment
  • Crack detectors: to verify components
  • Automatic polisher: component recovery

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