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Lizarte manufactures reconstructed spares since 1973 and offers steering racks, power steering pumps, air conditioning, Citroen spheres, diesel injection and car mecatronics.

The most important phases in Lizarte's history are:

  • 1973 Lizarte Foundation for remanufacturing manual steering racks
  • 1983 The manufacture of Citroen spheres starts
  • 1992 Assisted steering racks begin to be remanufactured
  • 1996 Removal to Industrial area of Agustinos in Pamplona
  • 1997 Power steering pumps begin to be remanufactured
  • 1999 Obtainment of the first quality certificate (ISO 9001)
  • 2001 Automobile air conditioning compressors begin to be remanufactured
  • 2003 Certification ISO TS 16949
  • 2003 First year sponsor of the cycle race of Navarra
  • 2006 First year as sponsor of the Lizarte cycling team
  • 2008 Launch of the range diesel injection
  • 2008 Award for sponsorship given by the Government of Navarra
  • 2009 Launch of Engine Control Units (ECU) and Instrument clusters
  • 2011 We came from having 3 to have 5 diesel checking test benches

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LIZARTE S.A. - Polígono Agustinos, Calle B - 31013 Pamplona - Navarra - España
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