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We repair your cores

If your product is not in the catalogue, there is an option in which you can send the core to Lizarte so that we can repair it.

Lizarte has got a wide catalogue of steering racks, power steering pumps, air conditioning compressors, diesel pumps and diesel injectors, but it is possible that your vehicle or the replacement that you need is not in our catalogue. In this case, do not worry, send us your core and Lizarte is confident that they will be able to repair it.

Typical cases of cars that are not included in the lists or catalogues:

  • Classic cars / Old timers
  • Competition cars (serve as an example the next reparations that Lizarte has made: power steering for Seat Ibiza World Rally Car, Skoda Octavia World Rally Car,…)
  • Special vehicles (military, airport, microcars or cars without driver licence…)
  • Imported cars
  • "Modern" cars that have just finished their guarantee period and the remanufacture companies still have not included them in their catalogues.

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