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Lizarte sponsors an amateur cycling team since 2006, being the director Manolo Azcona. We compete in Élite and Under-23 categories.

The cycling team counts as well with 4 assistants, 1 mechanic, 1 masseuse and 27 cyclists.

The Lizarte cycling team has obtained numerous successes in amateur cycling. Andrey Amador, Javier Iriarte and Enrique Sanz distinguished as cyclists in this team, and now they form part of professional cycling.

In the current team, Lizarte counts with the Spanish champion of cycle-cross, Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga.

Between all competitions we are going to take part of, we emphasize the cycle race of Bidasoa, the Cycle race of Navarra and some races in France.

The cycling team is formed by:
Miguel Ángel Aguilera, Jorge Arcas, Jon Armendariz, Mikel Azcoiti, Fermín Brieba, Marc Cayuela, Mikel Ezkieta, Higinio Fernández, Julián Gómez, Aitor González, Alejandro Hermoso de Mendoza, Imanol Lafuente, Rafael Márquez, Víctor Martín, Raúl Martínez de Morentin, Víctor Moleón, Urtzi Murgia, Armando Ortego, Luis Pascual, Antonio Pedrero, Ander Plazaola, Dayer Quintana, Santiago Ramírez, Tim Roig, Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga, Marc Soler y Alberto Yunta.

As reward for this effort in sports sponsorship, in 2008 the Government of Navarra awarded the Gold Medal for sports sponsorship in Navarra, given by the then Government President of Navarra Miguel Sanz.


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