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Manufacturing process

At Lizarte there are many manufacturing lines: some are dedicated to remanufactured products and others are of new suspension spheres.

The remanufacturing processes that have steering racks, power steering pumps, ac compressors and diesel injectors and pumps are the following:

  • Reception and storage of cores: when a core is received a first visual inspection is done and then it is stored by reference
  • Dismantling: in this phase the spare is completely separated from the components
  • Component cleaning: that is done by diverse technologies such as industrial washing machines or ultrasound washing machines.
  • Component recovery: depending on the type of component to recover, many different tasks have to be carried out like, polishing, chroming, rectifying, straightening, …
  • Product assembly: the recovered components together with the newly bought components (seals, bellows, bearings, nozzles …) are assembled in each production line.
  • Test test bench unit verification: 100% of the remanufactured products need to be verified (leak verification and verify working condition). Each product line has its own specific test bench for verifying.
  • Painting and boxing: the good appearance of the products is the reflection of the care that has been put into the work, not only on the outside but in the inside too.

The phases of the manufacturing process of the suspension spheres are:

  • Inlay of the steel disc: the steel disc takes the shape of a cup.
  • Facing of the sheet: in this phase the interior components are placed inside (cap membrane and membrane fixing)
  • Closing of the sphere: The valve body is added and the sphere cup turns into a sphere.
  • Welding of the valve body to the steel sheet: in a way that the sphere remains sealed
  • Insertion of the valve and filling with nitrogen: each reference has its own valve and the filling of nitrogen is also different.
  • Riveting of the valve: in way that the valve stays fixed
  • Painting, marking and boxing: with identity of the reference, which car it belongs to and date of manufacture

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