First implementation of Lizarte in the Doyen headquarters in Europe

Lizarte makes a strategic move via implementation in fhe European headquarters of Doyen in Belgium

Implantación de Lizarte en la plataforma Doyen

Within the framework of the agreement with Temot International in which Lizarte has been certified as Temot Listed Supplier, we have achieved a first implementation in the Doyen platform in Belgium for the implementation of pumps and power steering in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Doyen platform is widely new in the European car post-sale market and plays a key role in Europe. It has been seizing strategic implementations with a double goal: optimizing thei customer response capacity and developing their own commercial distribution network.

56.000m2 distributed among 6 warehouse, 200,000 references which represent a service rate of 97.5%.

Doyen - cadena suminstro

Supply chain, Doyen

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